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Beating the Heat

As the past due Summer heat radiates through wispy, swirling clouds, Austin Wilde relaxes at the pool with his tight speedo. He’s oiling himself up so he’ll tan equally. His wonderful skin glimmers as the sunshine warms it. The heat generally makes Austin’s fat penis hard, and today’s no exemption. He slowly feels his nice erection. At Next he takes off his tight swimsuit completely to chill out a bit more and warm up with some deep strokes, up and down his firm, meaty dick! Enjoy Austin’s wild jerking off session!

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Head in the Clouds

The very sexy Gay Porn Actor Austin Wilde is back in bed, this time welcoming back the sweet Jay Cloud. Horny as at any time, the two of them are currently in bed, and as is Austin’s style, he wastes no time getting Jay’s shorts off and his cut dick out. Throating himself with Jay’s rapidly growing dick, Austin is getting more anxious by the minute. Once Jay’s attention is piqued, Austin gets rid of his pants and begins to bang Jay’s warm mouth while straddling his face, his butt muscles rippling as he thrusts his torso back and forth. Growing to maximum denseness, he begs for Jay to fuck him as he lay on his back, so Jay requires and slowly works his cock on the inside of Austin, moving in and out as Austin swings himself into orgasmic frenzy, as they equally explode all over Austin’s exhausted hairy chest for your voyeuristic pleasure. Enjoy this great video!

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Joey’s First Time

Austin Wilde is joined up with Joey Devon, as he pops his cherry, both on film and in real daily life. At least that’s his tale. Once Joey parcels his lips all over Austin’s meaty and tasty shaft, Austin has significant doubts Joey has never done this prior to. But then once again, when the going is this good why make a complaint? So Austin just puts his hands and fingers on Joey’s head and he courses his cock down Joey’s waiting throat, fucking his face like Joey was a pro. Well Getting in in the mouth is one thing, but taking him in the ass is a whole ‘nother thing altogether, but Joey proves up to the process as Austin plunges deep inside of him. Joey feels Austin’s head pop deeply inside him, and the slowly burn of Austin’s cock excites Joey in a way he has never encountered before. He lay back again as Austin pumps him full of hot cock, until Austin can contain himself no more, whereupon he begins to explode all over Joey’s shagged and exhausted body. And while this is most probably the first time, the look on Joey’s face suggests it will not be the last!

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Massage Exchange

Laying down on Brandon Lewis’ massage table, it only requires Austin Wilde a few moments to recognize that Brandon has almost certainly done this before. His touch is very firm but subtle, and Austin absolutely gets the feeling he knows what he’s executing. As far as Brandon is involved, it’s effortless to be so receptive when you have such a nice penis up on the table, so he tends to make sure to roll Austin over and pay exclusive particular attention to his groin area. Austin’s cock increases in expectation and Brandon answers the call, scattering his lips around the tip of Austin’s head while fondling his taint. With both in arrangement, the massage therapy takes a back seat as Austin strips Brandon’s pants down and starts to deep throat him, then pushing him back towards the massage table, he will begin to moisten Brandon’s asshole with his tongue, plunging it deep inside Brandon’s crevice and whetting both of their appetites. Austin is starving for more, so he slides his dick into Brandon and fucks him standing up against the massage table, then flips around onto his back and lets Brandon have a turn. Brandon pumps Austin’s ass while jacking Austin’s dick, only to flip one more time, where Austin fucks Brandon into cumming submission as he pulls out and explodes all over Brandon’s stomach, rubbing the cum into his skin in a post coital massage of a different kind…

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