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Brandon Lewis and Austin Wilde

We told Austin Wilde to get comfortable and sexy on the warm couch. A few minutes after his erection was cranking at max speed, we threw the very tall and fit Brandon Lewis into the mix. Mr. Lewis got a kick out of surprising Austin Wilde. He could not wait to get that fat austin wilde cock into his mouth. And Austin Wilde could not wait to taste this tall male pornstar asshole. It was so delicious Austin Wilde decided Brandon Lewis needed to get fucked hard.

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Austin Wilde And Alex Andrews

Alex Andrews has been practicing his pool game lately. He thought he had a chance at beating the best pornstar Austin Wilde, so he arranged a game with the sexy male pornstar. Alex has wanted to get a look at Austin Wildes fabled muscle gay cock for a while and he figures he will try to literally beat the pants off of him in a game of strip pool.

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Pornstar Austin Wilde

If you like big jeeps and enjoy watching Austin Wilde jerk off his hard cock, you will love this all solo scene. It cums fully equipped with a dual-ball nutsack, rock-hard stick shift, plenty of tight asshole, and a gay pornstar. And this gay pornstar model is built stock. But he is tugging his muscle cock fast, so stop in and check out this pornstar hunk today.

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Austin Wilde Masturbating

Austin Wilde is having a weird day. Not only did he wake up in a hospital after being in a coma for two weeks, but when he finally comes to, he finds out he has gotten someone else’s arm attached to him. And this is not some helping hand or a case of letting the fingers do the talking… no- this is one mean motherfucker arm. And when it is not strangling the life force out of its strange victim, it likes to satisfy its sexual cravings for hot juicy hard dick.

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