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Two Horny Hunks Partying End Up Fucking

2 horny gentlemen. Tons of tequila. Even a lot of laughs. Won’t be long ahead someone pulls his arduous cock out, and then all bets are cancelled. Austin Wilde has seen it a hundred times at least. So as Anthony Romero strolls into his bar looking all horny and whatnot, Austin knows laughs aren’t the only in store for the hot evening out.

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Austin And Friends Sucking Cock And Pounding Hot Assholes

Austin Wilde is a attorney…a bloody good one. And he knows Johnny Torque‘s barbarian style. You see, Johnny is a big-time, courtroom scammer who acknowledges barely the right buttons to push in order to bend the law system over in his favor. Austin knows there’re only two things for which Johnny must settle – income and a few hot ass. Johnny and his lawyer, Austin, have cooked up a scheme to bilk Andrew Jakk out of a good deal of cash. Andrew is a local restaurateur with a good reputation and these two crooks are claiming Johnny was served a sandwich FULL of pubic hair. Andrew knows he can’t afford a legal engagement or to have his rep trashed.

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